PussyWeed™ began in the summer of 2016 as a group of friends who found empowerment in a space which freely allowed us to experience cannabis as wellness. Feeling distanced from media portrayals and real-life manifestations of cannabis culture, especially regarding femmes, we found that in our feminine setting we were able to ask any question, tell any story, and share & learn any information without fear or insecurity. We called it PussyWeed, we got tshirts, and we’ve been growing the space ever since.

We manifest what we have learned:

  1. Cannabis is a wellness herb.

  2. The criminalization of cannabis is a direct assault on American life and we need thoughtful cannabis reform now.

  3. The key element of cannabis reform must be to rectify the colossal damage done to people and communities of color due to cannabis-related discrimination and criminalization.

  4. Femininity must no longer be synonymous with a sex or gender, but instead as a vital part of universal balance.

  5. The word “pussy” must no longer be used to associate femmes, womxn, genitalia, and perceived femininity with fear, shame, nonconsensual sexualization, and a general stigma.

  6. We celebrate and respect cannabis as a connector, a healer, and a right to us all.


We invite you to join us in burning the stigma & growing the love. :)